Splash Pads Installation

The superb splash pads from Cameleoh! will delight kids of all ages as they discover an entertaining world of amusing structures.

Cameleoh! offers a variety of innovative product lines using water, air, light and sound to create a dynamic, unique, ever-changing environment.



  • The most minimal maintenance in the industry
  • Low water consumption; can incorporate a water recycling system
  • Industrial quality materials: stainless steel, aluminium, brass jets, corrosion-resistant internal  pipes, etc.
  • Standardized, interchangeable bases
  • Turn-key and custom projects
  • Models available for day care centres

Create a unique experience near a pool, an attraction or any other location.

  • Splashpad 10

  • Splashpad 9

  • Splashpad 8

  • Splashpad 7

  • Splashpad 6

  • Splashpad 5

  • Splashpad 4

  • Splashpad 3

  • Splashpad 2

  • Splashpad 1

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